Design, construction and management of websites optimized and W3C accessible.
All projects created by Cherryfog are aimed at developing not only functional, but technologically advanced and flexible web space, an added value in promoting the activities of companies, associations, public / private and / or professionals always respecting the needs of the customer.



- Compatibility with widely used browsers: a site properly visible just using a particular browser will exclude a greater or lesser extent part of potential users.

- Compliance with web standards in accordance with the specifications and guidelines of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), so you will not have tomorrow an obsolete site to be redone.

- Simplicity. Website content management by the customer via a custom administration panel and the chance, for the usersto find in a few click, the information they look for. A dynamic site differs from a showcase one in the ability to be managed directly by the customer, through restricted access to administration tools pages. This allows you to save the fees of computer technicians, but also to act promptly on the site updating, for example, offers, news, product or registered users information.

- Search Engine Opimization. We make your site attractive to the search engines. If a page is easy to read by the search engines spiders, it will have a greater chance of being displayed.

- Rapidity. Established a good and effective communication with the customer Cherryfog proposes a short time to put the website online, varying from a few days to a maximum of one month: everything will be planned during the preliminary meetings (live or online: email,videochat), satisfying the individual needs.

- Aesthetic care. Our web agency is made up of visual artists working in the field of photography and video art: from what a ‘high level of attention and care for the aesthetics of our projects.

- High quality pictures and videos. The world of web speaks in images: the integration of the web project with quality photographs and video catches the attention of visitors. Cherryfog offers campaigns tailored to your site.

Our web agency is at your disposal to build a dynamic site that will bring movement in your business,, increasing its sales force.